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What are the occupational maps and what can I use them for?

The occupational maps are simply a way of showing the relationships that exist between education, qualifications, apprenticeships and occupations in England. We call them maps because they help people to find their way through the careers and training landscape more easily.

The occupational maps let you explore occupations by searching for a specific job, or browsing broader types of jobs. These occupations are shown on cards, along with details of relevant apprenticeships and other technical education qualifications, and possible career progression.

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Explore green occupations by theme

Green occupations and the occupational standards that describe them are the basis of apprenticeships and technical qualifications. Occupations have been categorised as mid-green and dark green via a leaf icon on the maps to indicate the impact that the occupation has, in terms of scale and influence, on helping the UK achieve net-carbon zero by 2050.

We have identified 11 areas that are particularly important, which we are referring to as green themes, and where appropriate we have mapped occupations to these themes.

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Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education

Known as IfATE, we work with employers to develop, approve, review and revise apprenticeships and technical qualifications. We are transforming and improving the skills system by putting employers at the heart and making it easier to navigate for all.

An independent chair oversees IfATE, leading a board of employers and business leaders to shape our work. Our work aims to make sure apprenticeships and technical education are of the highest quality. This helps to give every employer and individual the skills they need to succeed.